Understanding SEO and Content Marketing

Many are confused about the connection between SEO and content marketing. Are they one and the same or entirely different? Do they work together or are in complete opposites of the marketing spectrum?

The Misconception: SEO and content marketing should be separate.

The issues stems from the idea that SEO and content marketing should not be integrated. However,these two not only go well together,but they overlap in many ways. Some argue that content marketing means SEO can be completely eliminated. However,anyone who has taken an intense search engine optimization training understands that this won’t be possible if the only way to have a successful content marketing is through effective SEO. These two cannot be separated.

The Truth: SEO and content marketing share a lot of features.

SEO without content is just simply impossible. Words,phrases,articles,keywords,and substance,among others,are essential in building a strong SEO strategy. No matter how cliché it may be,this one rule still stands true: Content is king. No matter how much SEO has evolved through the years,this is the one thing that remains constant. As the name suggest,content marketing is all about content,and the very substance of content marketing is the practical application of SEO.

Here’s one more feature that can never be ignored when it comes to SEO: Keywords. And how exactly are keywords utilized? Through content marketing! The only way to maximize the benefits of the right keywords is by incorporating them strategically in your content. High-quality content written for human audience that uses target keywords is a surefire strategy.

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